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WpLauncher WordPress Theme

* WpLauncher WordPress Theme
WpLauncher WordPress Theme


WpLauncher is a free premium wordpress theme, that is simple with a single purpose: to provide an attractive, customizable domain parking theme for WordPress users.

Did you bought the domain and still working in the site content and designs, Do you looking for launching theme for you upcoming site, Think of this theme as an ‘Under Construction’ page for the modern web,If yes then you found it in Wparchive.com

This theme is a great solution for WordPress users who already own their site‚Äôs future domain, but aren’t yet ready for their site to hit the big time. It offers a sign-up form (powered by Google Feedburner) for visitors to subscribe to receive updates on the site’s progress and eventual launch. Not only this with strong back-end options panel you can customize ( Rss feed – Twitter – Social Bookmarking- Launching date with count down timer- Complete percentage and much more. our different color schemes, and easy customization through custom widgets and a theme options page.

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6 Comments on “WpLauncher WordPress Theme”

Hey, Thanks for creating such a useful theme. I was just wondering if there was anyway to change the size of the logo that the theme pulls in from the media library? The original image size is 600×300.px but the theme has resized it.
Thanks again for a such a great theme.

January 30

@ Vincent

Thanks for kind words

About the Logo the logo size is 300X69px you can change the size increasing it as it is Png images so its easy

Mihai O.
January 30

Really cool theme! I’ve needed something like this, thanks!

Thanks for getting back to me Ahmed. And no problem, You deserve the compliments. The image I am using for the logo is a PNG and it’s dimensions are as stated in my previous comments.
Is the logo size defined by .CSS? Im only asking as you said I could resize the PNG, The PNG I have is larger than that of the supplied wpLauncher logo so Im a little confused.
Thanks again for your help.
I appreciate it.

February 1

@ Vincent

You can find it in index.php located in comingsoon folder


Thanks for the info ahmed. Ill check that out.



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