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Wcute WordPress theme

* Wcute WordPress theme
Wcute WordPress theme


This is an extremely cute design indeed, in black green and orange its a very Web2.0 combination of colours. It has a heart warming design that is sure to bring a smile to the face of visitors to your site. If you want your WordPress theme to be a little fun then consider this extremely well thought out web site skin.

Wood panels on a stone wall are very hard objects but they are balanced with the organic feel of moss and the natural connatations of a small chick, which is in fact your twitter icon meant to drive
additional users to your feed.

This is a power theme in that it includes your latest tweet with the header of your blog. If social networking is your target  then you should take a very close look at this premium theme released for free by Skinpress.


* Adsense Ready
* 125×125 ads
* Widget ready
* Gravatar support
* GBCF contact form support
* Page Management
* Twitter support

Required Plugins

* Page Navi

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