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Voice WordPress Theme by ThriveThemes

* Voice WordPress Theme by ThriveThemes
Voice WordPress Theme by ThriveThemes


ThriveThemes is one of the newest WordPress theme clubs on the block. It was founded by IMImpact’s Shane Melaugh and his partner Paul McCarthy. What makes them different is that their themes are focused on delivering ultra-fast conversion focused themes.

Their Voice WordPress theme is the latest addition to the club – an impressive-looking theme with tons of potential as far as customization goes, and amazing functionality to boot!

Voice was developed specifically for bloggers and online writers, as it places special emphasis and focus on the content. The theme promotes readability and text formatting, and does an outstanding job of combining aesthetics, beauty and design with a layout that puts the spotlight square on your content.

The theme features a beautiful, minimalistic blog-style layout. It looks amazing, everything is exactly where it should be. It is neither overwhelming nor underwhelming, and provides an amazing blog-style look that a lot of bloggers, online writers and content producers will love.

OneĀ of the features that make Voice WordPress theme really stand-out from the crowd is it’s header-less layout. Yes, Voice theme doesn’t come with a header, and that gives your site a unique look. The theme achieves this by moving the main navigation and the widget area to the sidebar. As a result, more space is available for your content to shine – one of the main aims of this theme.

Speaking of content, Voice allows users to enable a feature called author highlight. With this turned on, a large image of the author of each article is displayed in the sidebar. For multi-author blogs, posts are accompanied by the image of the writer of that blog. And if you hover the mouse over the image of said author, a bubble pops-up containingĀ information about the author as well as links to his/her social media profiles and other links.

In addition, the sidebars are highly customizable – you can choose a custom color and custom image for it. Alternatively, Voice also allows you to set up different sidebar backgrounds for different posts and/or pages of your website, thanks to its dynamic sidebar background feature.

Voice comes some awesome shortcodes for adding elements like vertical tabs, progress bars, counters and countdown timers, and much more. While these are currently unique to Voice theme, they will soon be added to other Thrive Themes as well.

If you are a blogger, or simply someone looking to attracting readers and creating an online audience and readership for your content using your writing, as well as turning them into fans, followers, subscribers and returning customers, you should definitely check out the Voice WordPress theme from ThriveThemes.

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