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Top 10 Woo Themes

What if, as a WordPress user, you were looking for a purpose-built, feature-laden theme that absolutely looked stunning, came with a powerful yet intuitive control panel, offered extreme levels of customizability and the ability to choose from and seamlessly switch to different kinds of layouts, was responsive – meaning it would look just as well on a laptop screen as it would on a phone screen, came with different templates – each with a stunning slider, and was SEO-friendly as well?

Because if you were, I have good news: you don’t need to look any further than Woo Themes


Yes, Woo Themes puts an immense amount of customization and controls, a wide array of different layouts and templates, a responsive framework, search-engine-optimized, and a whole lot more!

All Woo Themes come with their trademark WooFramework, which means that Woo Theme users get an awesome set of goodies. These include features such as

  • A UI-driven control panel and back-end theme options: you can easily customize all aspects of your theme from the intuitive and user-friendly control panel that comes with all themes.
  • Users can easily add stuff to your theme and their website which would otherwise require them to know and play around with technical code. With Woo Themes, you don’t need to know any code; adding stuff to your website is as easy as point-and-click.
  • The ability to use custom shortcodes – these let you add things like social sharing buttons and boxes, content columns, forms, polls and and widgets to your pages. Once again, there’s no need to know any code at all.
  • Custom-page templates: you get many different page templates, which allow you to design different kinds of pages with a single click of the mouse button. Page templates such as a full-width page template (which gets rid of the sidebar), a sitemap page template, a template to build an archives page, and so on are always at your disposal. These templates allow you to easily set up these pages without any extra effort whatsoever.
  • Users also get cross-browser compatibility, auto-resizing thumbnails.

In short, if you want to turn your ordinary-looking blog (and lets face it, it probably does look quite ordinary, doesn’t it) into a beautiful blog that looks purpose-built and precisely how you wanted it to look in the first place, Woo Themes is the way to go!

The great thing about Woo Themes is that there are more than 80 themes in their repository (84 themes to be precise, and counting), so you’re likely to find exactly what you want for your blog.

I’ll now take a look at 10 of the best WordPress theme Woo Themes have to offer.

canvas wordpress theme from woo themes

Let’s kick things off with Canvas, perhaps Woo’s most customizable theme. Indeed, Canvas is highly-customizable, and you can tweak just about each and every single one of its elements (more than a 100 different things!) quite easily through the control panel that comes with the theme. This means that it is suitable for a lot of different kinds of blogs, no matter what kind of blog you have or whatever its niche, Canvas will work for you. In addition, Canvas comes with a responsive design, and widget and plugin support. If it is customizability that you’re looking for, Canvas certainly won’t disappoint!

editorial wordpress theme from woo themes

Editorial is the perfect theme for any online publication, such as an e-newspaper, an e-magazine, or just about any news blog or website out there. In terms of customizability, you have full control over the layout and you can easily style it by splitting it into 1, 2 or 3 columns, adding a slider, adding a customizable header, adding an AJAX-based ‘recent news’ tab on the top, and dividing your content area according to categories. You can also change fonts, choose from 9 different color styles, and do a bunch of stuff more straight from the control panel. The sidebars and footers are completely widget-friendly.

the one pager wordpress theme from woo themes

When you go on Woo Theme’s official website, one of the first things you notice is how good their very own website looks! Landing pages for people and businesses selling products and/or services – be it anything – need to be attractive and functional. That’s essentially where themes like The One Pager come in! The One Pager allows you to showcase your product or a service that you’re offering very easily on a single scrollable page, pretty much like Woo’s own home page. The One Pager comes with a large slider (the Woo Slider) that sits on top of the page and immediately grabs the attention of a visitor! It also offers different levels of customizability, including the ability to add, remove or move different modules, and add widgets. Great for designing outstanding landing pages or setting up one-page blogs or websites.

scrollider wordpress theme from woo themes

A theme pack won’t really be complete without a good portfolio theme, would it! Scollider is a great portfolio theme by Woo Themes that can be used on personal and professional blogs. For me, one of the aspects that defines a portfolio theme’s worth is the slider that it comes with. Gladly, that is where Scrollider shines – it comes with a striking featured slider, that lets bloggers, such as photographers for instance, showcase their best pictures and it is even compatible with mobile phones (the whole theme has a responsive design). In addition, the homepage can of course be customized, and even comes with a portfolio manager that lets you create and edit the portfolio page on your blog.

olya wordpress theme from woo themes

Olya is yet another great, responsive portfolio theme offered by Woo Themes that also has an interesting name. However as opposed to some of the others one like Scrollider, this one’s geared towards business and corporate blogs or websites. Its custom homepage can hold a lot of information into different sets of modules (such as a slider, blog, widetized regions, portfolio, etc), and you can then style each module according to your precise requirements through the control panel. It also includes a featured slider, custom ‘Team’ and ‘Contact Us’ pages, and a lot more.

sentient wordpress theme from woo themes

Sentient (what’s up with Woo Theme’s naming convention?) is a theme perfectly-suitable for e-commerce and online shopping websites. WooThemes categorizes such themes under the ‘WooCommerce’ category, where they also have many different plugins and widgets for ecommerce blogs and websites. But I digress, Sentient allows you to set up a great online shop, which shows all your products on the homepage. Its jQuery-enabled, so your products all align perfectly on your homepage, and since its responsive, your e-store looks just as awesome on a cellphone or tablet screen as well!

elefolio wordpress theme from woo themes

Elefolio, continuing the theme of Woo Themes with interesting names, is categorized as a ‘Tumblog’ theme – which I guess is a fancy way of saying that it makes your blog look like a page from the popular social networking website Tumblr. The theme, pretty much like its name, is quite interesting. In reality, it is a portfolio theme that focuses on the visuals and allow you to showcase your work in the form of pictures and images. Elefolio has a separate portfolio module, a customizable landing page, the ability to connect with Dribbble and stream from your Dribbble account, plus all the great features offered as part of the package with any Woo Theme.

rockstar wordpress theme from woo themes

Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to Rockstar. This free theme from Woo Themes – and a great one at that – is just perfect for traditional ‘blog’ blogs. It looks great, comes with excellent customization, banner management, a widget-ready sidebar, and a whole lot more. It is also available free of cost for blog.com users, and people looking for a fantastic free theme for their personal or professional blogs should most definitely go with Rockstar.

the journal wordpress theme from woo themes

Quite possibly, the perfect theme for your local online newspaper, college/school newspaper, or any e-news blog or website out there. Web publishers of all kinds will simply love The Journal. The theme has a very clean layout, which true to tradition can be changed, tweaked and switched around easily. And of course, The Journal is free, which also makes it ideal for journalism students looking for a good theme for their blogs.

diarise wordpress theme from woo themes

To cap things off, we have Diarise. I originally wanted to include another sider-based product-focused theme to the list, but I stuck with Diarise – mainly because while it may not be suitable for a lot of blogs out there, niche blogs such as those about events, places, clubs, schools, churches, and other event-organizing companies will definitely like this. In fact, this is the perfect theme for event-management companies or event-hosting blogs. Diarise shows your organization’s events right on the main page, along with past and future events as well. Events can be easily added to a calendar (and the calendar can be displayed on the home page), and events can also be linked with booking/registration forms very easily. Great theme for schools and colleges as well.

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