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Top 10 ThemeForest Themes For Bloggers in 2013

WordPress themes let users completely change the interface and appearance of the theme by enhancing it in many ways. To be honest, the default themes that WordPress ships with are quite vanilla and the look is just too plain. Which is where these themes come in!

Not only are themes great for changing the appearance of the blog, they also add and enhance the blog’s functionality by a great deal.

There are plenty of free and premium themes available for WordPress on the internet, and there’s a large group of developers working to bring WordPress users some really amazing new themes as well.

One of the largest WordPress theme repositories – after the WordPress library itself – is that of ThemeForest.

ThemeForest.com has a large variety of premium WordPress themes for all sorts of different blogs, including some excellent Blog/Magazine-style themes as well. These themes are well-suited for a vast array of different websites and blogs, and the great thing about Magazine/Blog-styled themes is that they give you a super-cool-looking blog straight out of the box with no need to know any complicated programming (such as HTML or CSS), and come with very user-friendly control panels that allow you to customize your theme according to your exact requirements and preferences.

In addition, ThemeForest is also pretty good in terms of customer support, as all theme developers make sure they reply to any and all comments in the comments section that accompanies every theme.

Here are 10 of the best Themeforest themes that I’ve found for 2013. (full disclosure: all links from this point on are affiliate links. If you like one of the themes from the list and wish to purchase it, we would really appreciate if you do so through these links):

gonzo wordpress theme

Gonzo is perhaps one of the best magazine-style themes that I’ve seen on WordPress! Not only is Gonzo quite beautiful to look at, it is quite feature-laden. Features include a star-based/percentage-based rating-system (which makes it ideal for many review-based blogs or affiliate blogs, for instance), a responsive design (which means it is easily accessible from all sorts of devices, such as desktop, laptops, smartphones and tablet PCs), comes with a stunning slider (a category slider), and the ability to choose between Facebook or WP comments. But above all, I loved Gonzo’s flexible layout system, which allows you to work with multiple types of layouts and interfaces, and choose the one which is best suited for your specific blog.

newscast wordpress theme

Newscast 4 in 1 is another excellent Magazine-style theme for WordPress. It includes 4 stunning skins, and 3 different variations of the front-page, which means that you have tons of options at your disposal when it comes to customization. Moreover, Newscast comes with no less than 3 stunning jQuery-based slideshows (sliders) as well. The theme’s control panel lets you control the menus, the slider, sidebar and footer, the homepage of course, the main page, the contact page, as well as many other aspects and elements of the theme.

london live wordpress theme

London Live is yet another great magazine-style theme for news and/or e-magazine website or blog. This particular theme allows you to display multiple number of categories along with their posts on your homepage – for instance you could have a box for Category1 on your blog, another for Category 2, and so on, each with their own set of posts. It also comes with dark and light nav-bar styles, 2 different slider styles (for the content slider) and 2 different listing styles as well (‘blog’ and ‘traditional news’).

reaction wordpress theme

Reaction WP comes with 3 starter skins – all based on a fully-responsive framework which means they will work on all screens and resolutions. It is also search-engine optimized right out of the box, which means that people will be able to find your website and you very easily on search engines, and you will be able to rank well for your keywords without a lot of effort or the need to 3rd-party tools. In addition, the theme looks fantastic, especially with the yellow-on-black combination however there are 3 skins/templates included so you can easily change things around. Reaction WP comes with a beautiful slider, which is also touch-friendly.

big feature wordpress theme

The highest-selling theme on ThemeForest in the Magazine category, and one of the best themes in terms of sales across ThemeForest (just shy of 5000 sales and counting!) is Big Feature. And for good reason! BigFeature is exactly what its name implies – big on features. On first impressions, the theme looks quite minimalistic, which it is. But upon exploring its control panel, you’ll be happy to discover that it is in fact quite customizable. Comes with 11 child themes/templates, including page templates, custom widget areas, ability to add a custom logo, and much more. SEO-friendly out-of-the-box too! If you’re looking for something classy and powerful, BigFeature might be worth checking out!

avenue wordpress theme

Avenue is a great multi-purpose theme, suitable for a lot of different blogs. It has a powerful but user-friendly back-end, that allows you to tweak a lot of different settings and customize many different aspects of the theme, so at the end of the day, you end up with a homepage layout that is according to your precise requirements. Posts on your hompage can be categorized according to categories, and you can choose which ones to show on the homepage. The theme comes with built-in skins as well as a custom-skin-creator with the package. And of course, Avenue comes with a great slider as well. For me, this is one of the best-looking Magazine themes on this list!

super skeleton wordpress theme

Super Skeleton WP is built by the same developers who built Reaction WP (a team by the name of MDNW on ThemeForest). One of the best aspects about Super Skeleton is their outstanding after-sales support – they really are as quick in getting back as the claim, and I was super-impressed! Other than that, the theme itself is second to none when it comes to looks and features. It is a responsive theme which means it works with all devices and screen resolutions.  Like all MDNW themes, it is also SEO-friendly and comes with fancy sliders as well.

big city wordpress theme

Big City is another neat-looking WordPress theme, with more of a blog-oriented interface than a magazine one – however like many of the other themes featured on this list, you can completely change and tweak the theme’s layout and looks according to how you want it to. In fact, if you have a look at the theme page on ThemeForest, you’ll be pleasantly-surprised by the customizability that it offers! BigCity comes with a striking front-page coupled with an improved back-end. It has a responsive layout which makes it fully compatible with PCs, cellular phones and tablets.

volt wordpress theme

And yet another outstanding theme on WordPress is Volt, a theme which could be great for a lot of news and magazine blogs out there, such as sports news blogs for instance, especially since it’s interface is quite content-driven. The theme has a great, neat and uncluttered design, ability to change and tweak the homepage, the content area and the sidebars, 3 different layout styles for extreme customizability, a jQuery slider, customizable and a whole slew of other features that you can read about on the theme page by clicking the link above.

good space wordpress theme

And finally, to cap things off we have Good Space – a nifty little theme with a responsive design framework and above all, a drag-and-drop website-builder for the non-tech-savvy amongst us! Classy is the word that comes to mind when one looks at Good Space. The theme can be used for a lot of different situations and in a lot of different scenarios. Good Space comes with a great landing page interface, more than 450 fonts, unlimited sidebars, countless footer layouts, many different blog-style layouts and a whole lot more.  Check out their nifty ‘page builder’ as well – great for designing a personalized blog within seconds!

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