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Top 10 Genesis Framework Child Themes


The Genesis Framework from Studiopress is one of the best and most popular theme frameworks out there for WordPress websites and blogs.

For us, Genesis provides a stable and rock-solid foundation for any good WordPress website or blog. Whether you are looking to build either a personal or corporate presence on WordPress, the Genesis framework should be on top of your priority list.

That’s because all all Genesis based themes feature a completely responsive design built using the latest HTML5 coding standards.

This means that you get a beautiful, sleek, professional-looking website with Genesis, which is not only cross-compatible with all major browsers, it also readjusts itself according to the screen-size and screen-resolution of the device it is being accessed from.

Most importantly though, Genesis is one of the most highly customizable themes around. With it’s well documented code and accesible hooks, Genesis themes are very easy to customize. Since it’s in use by so many bloggers, you can pretty much find Genesis tutorials for pretty much anything you want to do.

But what really makes Genesis stand out are the amount of child themes available for it. Child themes integrate seamlessly with the Genesis framework, giving it a new look and adding to its functionality. They can be customized to look exactly how you want them to and you can find child themes that are suitable for a wide variety of different niches.

Here are 10 of the best Genesis Child Themes out there for the Genesis Theme Framework:

1. Parallax Pro Theme


The Parallax Pro Theme is a child theme for the Genesis Framework. The theme is designed to ‘tell a story’ – it arranges your page content like a narrative in a vertical manner, that allows for easy visual eye-movement and a natural flow. You can divide your content into different inter-connected parts as well. All this allows visitors and readers on your website to read your content like a story, which ultimately leads them to a call-to-action.

The Parallax Pro child theme for Genesis is also highly-customizable. It comes with 5 color-styles, allows you to put up a custom background as well as a custom header on your website, is completely responsive, lets you put widgets in your footer, and above all, like it’s name says, comes with beautiful parallax scrolling!

2. Dharma Theme


An excellent multi-purpose child theme for the Genesis theme framework, by a Genesis child theme development studio by the name of ZigZagPress. Dharma features an excellent minimalistic design, with full-screen customizable backgrounds, and all the features and goodies that come with the Genesis framework. The theme is ideal for professional and many niche websites, thanks to it’s layout.

The Dharma child theme is easy to set-up and customize as it comes with many layouts, color schemes, as well as tons of shortcodes that make customization really easy. Since the theme comes with a developer’s licence, you can use Dharma with as many websites as you want.

3. AgentPress Pro


As the name implies, AgentPress Pro is a theme designed and built specifically for real-estate agents who are smart enough to be powering their websites using WordPress and Genesis.

AgentPress Pro child theme lets you build an excellent business/real-estate website, thanks to it’s design, functionality and features. It lets you showcase your professional services and listings in an excellent buyer-friendly layout. The theme comes with 4 color styles, 6 layout options, custom background, header and menus, the ability to put up featured images, and much more. And of course it is completely responsive as well.

4. Smooth Post 2


Themedy.com is a well-known WordPress developer, known for it’s amazing child themes for Genesis. Smooth Post is just another gem of a theme in their Genesis child themes repository. It is a ideal for online, internet and traditional business websites, as well as corporate and news sites. The child theme comes with a beautiful, clean and modern magazine-style look that puts your content on the forefront and really lets it shine.

In addition, the Smooth Post theme is also accompanied with many of the standard features found in all Themedy child themes for Genesis – such as an options panel that lets you tweak theme settings, multiple theme styles, multiple page templates and layouts, custom shortcodes, excellent support, optimized, quick and clean code and of course, cross-browser compatibility.

5. NewsPro


NewsPro is yet another brilliant niche child theme for the Genesis framework. It is build specifically for news websites and blogs, but it’s highly-customizable nature along with its magazine-style layout make it the perfect solution for many different WordPress blogs and WordPress websites using the Genesis framework.

NewsPro comes with support for text-based articles, audio as well as video for any content-heavy website. Its outstanding design makes your content pop, while keeping other elements such as navigation simple. You also get 5 colors styles and 6 layout options, as well as featured images and custom background, menu and header.

6. Romo


Romo is a multipurpose child theme for Genesis developed by a theme studio by the name of Mojo Themes.

Designed and built specifically for corporate, e-commerce, online-selling and portfolio websites, Romo comes with support and easy integration for WooCommerce and bbPress.

The theme puts customizability on the forefront, with its excellent drag-and-drop page-builder, custom theme options, WP Customizer, and many other features. Romo is also responsive, and very SEO-friendly which makes it easy for websites using the Romo Genesis child theme to rank well on Google and other search engines out there.

7. Stage 2


Yet another gem of a theme by the good folks at Themedy, Stage 2 is a child theme for WordPress that is ideal for photographers or bloggers wanting something that puts their images and/or media on the forefront, and really makes it shine!

Stage is ideal for professional and freelance photographers – as well as many other bloggers – who want to organize and showcase their portfolio online in an elegant, simple and beautiful manner online on the internet. The theme arranges photos in a grid-style layout (called the photo-grid) that really makes your work stand-0ut – all without the need to use any third-party plugins or solutions. You can, of course, choose the type of content you want your photo-grid to be made up of.

Stage theme for Genesis also comes with Gallery and Portfolio support, making it the perfect solution for photogs wanting to showcase their work on the internet. One of the best aspects about this theme is that it also lets you embed a map with your content, letting your visitors know where to find you.

Gallery comes with lightbox (pop-up) support, as well as slider support. You get a customizable front-page template, a responsive design and theme that is retina and HD-ready. All of which means that your work looks beautiful!

8. Lifetsyle


Lifestyle Pro is a child theme for the Genesis framework that has a bright, magazine-style, smart layout, a clean design and is amazingly flexible. Perfect for a large variety of different websites and blogs being powered by WordPress and the Genesis theme framework, Lifestyle lets bloggers express themselves with articles, videos, media and a whole lot more.

The theme comes with 6 color styles and as many layout options. In addition, you can put up custom background and header, featured images, footer widgets, as well as set up threaded comments in the comments section to keep those conversations going.

9. Blink


A unique child-theme for Genesis, Blink features a dynamic and creative layout, which makes it ideal for many different bloggers and website-owners using WordPress and Genesis – such as designers, photographers, bloggers and hobbyists, to name a few.

Blink has a grid/box-style theme framework for its content area, as well as a simplistic nav-menu on one side of the page. It also comes with a custom pull-down area for content on the top-right side of the website, portfolio functionality that allows you to showcase your skills, as well as plenty of customization options.

Blink works with all major web-browsers out there and it’s responsive design means that it looks as good on smaller screens as it does on larger ones. And of course, like all Themedy themes, Blink comes packed with the standard set of Themedy goodies as well.

10. Versatile Theme by Yoast


To cap things off, we have a Genesis child theme by Yoast – the man perhaps best known for his SEO plugin (among plenty of other plugins) for WordPress.

Versatile comes with a clear, sportive, blog-style design, as well as plenty of customization. An ideal theme for business, sports, school, and informative websites – among others – that are running on WordPress and the Genesis framework. It comes with 11 color schemes, the choice between different backgrounds, 3 different layout options, as well as many different widgets – all of which allow you to tweak and set things up according to your personal tastes as well as letting you change the design of your website according to how you want it to be.

And of course, goes without saying that like all other Yoast themes, Versatile is highly optimized for search engines right out-of-the-box, in addition to being responsive. The theme also comes with great menu/navigation and search functions.

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