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Top 10 Elegant Themes

One of the many great things of using WordPress on your blog or website is the availability of some stunning themes and theme-packs that allow you to customize your blog according to your precise requirements, and greatly enhance and add to its functionality.

You can choose from a ton of free as well as numerous premium themes. Personally, I almost always recommend sticking with premium themes – they are purpose-built, offer a ton of features and strong back-ends, are well-coded and optimized for search engines, and are generally free from any kind of hidden code as well – all for usually a very reasonable price. WordPress themes offered by Elegant Themes, for instance, are a great example of this.

The Elegant Themes pack contains 81 great looking premium WordPress themes in total (at the time of this writing) and they are always adding more. Not only are these themes absolutely stunning to look at, they are also laden with features as well as a great, simple, intuitive and user-friendly control panel.

A word about the control panel that accompanies each of these themes: it really is quite good! It comes with all themes, all allows users to easily change different aspects of their websites/blogs and completely customize their themes without the need to touch any code. For instance it lets you turn certain theme features on or off, change theme colors, change the theme layout, manage advertisements, optimize the website for search engines (SEO), and do a whole lot more! It is simple, intuitive and very user-friendly.

Moreover, if you think the control panel limits the amount of customization you can do on your website, you always have access to shortcodes. Shortcodes essentially let you design and organize your posts (such as by adding buttons, boxes, tabbed content, slideshows/image-sliders, social media sharing buttons, author boxes, pricing tables, and a whole lot more), all of which lets you create beautiful and complex layouts with ease – without the need to know (or learn) advanced web development techniques (and hence avoid the frustration that comes with it!).

You also get access to many different page templates. All Elegant Themes come with a variety of page templates. These templates let you customize your website/blog and each of its individual pages according to your precise needs, and to suit the content of those pages. You can add image galleries, contact forms, login forms, and choose from many different templates.

Elegant Themes are also search engine optimized, which means your sites are structured in a way that search engines like Google love. Plus most of the themes are responsive, which means they will work with any and all screen sizes from large HD monitors, to laptops, to mobile phones and everything in between.

Thanks to our crack research team at WPArchive, here we present 10 of the best themes that Elegant Themes offers.

estore from elegant themes for wordpress

As the name implies, eStore is a brilliant little theme for people looking to sell online, or start their ecommerce ventures. If you’re looking to start and set-up an online store of any kind, go with eStore as it provides a great out-of-the-box solution for online shops and even for affiliate businesses. The top menu, for instance, is nested and can be arranged according to the products that you’re selling. The main page displays or showcases different products from your inventory and you can choose what to display here. It is highly customizable, very easy to configure, and offers integration with many ecommerce and e-shopping plugins, including being fully compatible with PayPal Shopping Cart.

origin from elegant themes for wordpress

Origin is perhaps one of the most unique-looking WordPress themes that I’ve come across. It look unique (and absolutely beautiful) because it is a grid-based theme that displays beautiful photos on the screen in the form of different grids. While Origin isn’t aimed at a particular sort of a user (unlike eStore, which was purpose-built for ecommerce blogs and websites), it is still a portfolio theme that perhaps photography blogs or artists will best be able to use. The great thing about the theme is that like a lot of other Elegant Themes, Origin is responsive, which means your grid-based blog will look as good as it does on a laptop screen, on a cellphone, on a tablet device, or just about any screen size or resolution.

memoir from elegant themes for wordpress

Memoir is your typical ‘blog’ style theme. Elegant Themes too markets this as a ‘standard blog theme,’ which means that it is ideal for any and all personal and professional ‘blog’ blogs (if that makes any sense!). If you have a personal blog running on WordPress, look no further than Memoir – it is simple and elegant, but comes with a bunch of tools and all the standard features bundled with Elegant Themes, such as many different page templates, a powerful dashboard/control panel, . It is also quite customizable, another standard when it comes to any Elegant Themes theme. People with personal blog, go check it out!

egamer from elegant themes for wordpress

Elegant Themes advertises eGamer as a WordPress theme for video game blogs. While that might be an apt description for the theme, it can be used by a lot of other kinds of blogs belonging to other niches. Because that’s the beauty of magazine-style themes, they can be used with a variety of different kinds of blogs and websites. eGamer though gives you have a customizable layout – as you can seamlessly switch between a magazine-style layout or a more traditional blog-style interface. The theme comes with a custom author review mechanism (based on a 5-star rating) that one usually sees on review-based websites (think web hosting websites and affiliate marketing blogs), the ability to add and embed videos easily, and a recent/popular/random articles section.

envisioned from elegant themes for wordpress

If there were to be something such as the perfect portfolio theme, Envisioned would be one of them! Ideal for online artists, photographers, and just about anyone looking to build an online portfolio, with Envisioned, you can create professional-looking online multimedia galleries within seconds. Like the 80 other themes being offered by Elegant Themes, Envisioned is highly-customizable and very versatile, allowing you to change the layout easily. Comes with the standard set of Elegant Themes features, including a great user-friendly dashboard.

gleam from elegant themes for wordpress

Striking is the word that comes to mind when one looks at Gleam. This exquisite-looking theme by Elegant Themes features an unobtrusive full-photo background for every page – which is easily Gleam’s standout feature – and you can put a different background for different pages or run a photo gallery in the background, which makes it ideal for portfolio blogs, and in particular, photography blogs. The idea behind the theme is outstanding, the implementation of the idea ever=n better! One of the best themes on this list (and perhaps the top-3 Elegant Themes theme) that anyone reading this should check out!

basic from elegant themes for wordpress

Like Memoir earlier on this list, Basic too is a traditional blog-style theme. Clean, uncluttered, minimalistic yet elegant and classy are just some of the words that one can associate with this theme. Basic comes with an easy-to-read, content-focused layout that centers on delivering content and enhancing readability of any blog. The theme features multiple color-schemes – all quite great, a built-in ad manager, a great theme control panel and an ad manager. Extremely suitable for many different kinds of blogs out there, especially large or small personal blogs.

thestyle from elegant themes for wordpress

Perhaps one of my own personal favorite Elegant Themes is TheStyle. It is yet another unique-looking theme, with a highly customizable interface. TheStyle has an outstanding grid-based interface, which divides your home screen and the posts on your blog into many different grids (with each post taking up one grid) – with all grids arranged nicely on the screen. This allows you to get a great look and make a visual impact on any visitor who visits your blog. Since the theme is jQuery-based and responsive, the grids are rearranged according the visitor’s screen resolution. TheStyle is definitely one theme worth checking out, and using on your blog!

myresume from elegant themes for wordpress

The name of this theme is pretty much a dead giveaway, isn’t it? MyResume is a theme ideal for online professional portfolios and people looking to build an online resume for themselves – such as job-seekers, working professionals, and people looking to promote themselves professionally on the internet. It provides you with a sleek and classy-looking resume-styled interface straight out of the box, but perhaps most importantly, you can enter all information related to your resume from within the control panel, create new tabs and share your resume on social media very easily. You can style your resume any way you want, and integrate your portfolio right into it as well. Pro-tip: Use MyResume with your personal domain to build a strong online resume for yourself!

fusion theme from elegant themes for wordpress

Finally, we have Fusion. Continuing their tradition of providing you some of the most beautiful-looking themes, Fusion is the perfect WordPress theme for app developers, products, startups, tech firms, and companies offering a single product or service. It has a clean ‘landing-page-style’ interface, that is tailor-made to showcase a single product or service – you can showcase your product in the upper-half of the theme and put up a sign-up/download-bow box for maximum conversions, and have some of its features listed down on the bottom half. In addition, Fusion comes with a responsive design, the ability to add custom backgrounds and all the great features-set offered by Elegant Themes as standard with all their themes.

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