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Thesis WordPress Theme

* Thesis WordPress Theme
Thesis WordPress Theme


Thesis Theme by DIYThemes is one of the oldest and best known WordPress Theme frameworks around. Designed and developed by Chris Pearson, the Thesis WordPress theme is powerful and flexible enough to be used to implement almost any type of design you can imagine for your site.

Thesis is designed for non-coders to be easy to use. Thesis sites can be customized through a number of option panels that allow you to set fonts and colors, tweak how components are displayed and a host of other things without touching any HTML, CSS or PHP. The layout generator is especially cool as it allows you to dynamically switch between 1, 2, or 3 column layouts with a click of a button.

Thesis Theme Options

Thesis was one of the first theme frameworks to offer built in SEO options. On-Page SEO can be improved by adding custom post meta titles and descriptions within the posts themselves.

If there’s something you can’t achieve with the built-in Thesis options, you can also make use of the number of Thesis hooks which give more hardcore developers a chance to really do some amazing things with the theme.

Thesis Theme has one of the biggest communities around, with over 37,000 customers. Support is top notch, and you can join the DIYthemes forum and get help from forum members there. The Thesis community is quite active as well, and you will find many blogs dedicated to getting the most out of the theme.

Thesis Theme is available in two pricing options. The personal option is $87 which allows you to use Thesis theme on a single site. Or you can purchase the developer option for $164 which allows you to use Thesis on unlimited sites you own. There’s also a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can fully test drive Thesis to see if you like it.

If you’re looking for a proven WordPress theme framework with a lot of community support, you should definitely give Thesis Theme a look.

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