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Snapshot WP Gallery Themes

* Snapshot WP Gallery Themes
Snapshot WP Gallery Themes


Unique Features

These are some of the more unique features that you will find within this free WordPress theme by WooThemes.

* Two different theme layouts / capabilities to allow you to switch between a photoblog / portfolio showcasing your own work or using Snapshot as a design gallery (ala BestWebGallery);
* Three uniquely, different colour schemes which can be tweaked from the backend; and
* An integrated theme options page (to change your logo or add your Google Analytics & Feedburner account details) and custom write panel, which has become indicative of the WooThemes-way of developing themes.

Future Additions

With our free theme releases, we’ve decided to opt for the 37Signals? mentality of ‘release early and fix regularly’, which means that we plan on adding some more features to the theme as we have time between our commercial releases.

Here?s a few possible additions that we have in mind at the moment:

* Dynamic Image Resizing
* Integrated Banner Ad Management
* More Colour Schemes & Styles
* More Alternate Layouts

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