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RT Theme 18

* RT Theme 18
RT Theme 18


RT-Theme 18 is a an excellent, well-built, well-designed and powerful premium WordPress theme for WordPress blogs and websites. The theme is feature-packed, and has been on top of the best-selling charts on ThemeForest, perhaps the biggest premium theme repository on WordPress.

The WordPress theme comes with a well-coded foundation, a solid back-end, a beautiful interface, design and aesthetic elements, as well as many useful tools and options.

RT-Theme 18 is a very multi-dimensional theme that can be used for business and corporate blogs, product catalog and portfolio websites.

The theme is completely responsive from the ground-up. Any WordPress website or blog using the RT-Theme 18 WordPress theme looks amazing and just as good on just about any device, screen-resolution and screen-size out there, including smartphones, tablet PCs, desktops, laptops as well as large HD-displays! Responsive themes automatically adapt all theme elements according to the device they are accessed from so you don’t have to get into the hassle of ensuring that your website looks good on every device – the theme does that for you.

In addition, RT-Theme 18 is also retina-ready and looks absolutely stunning on hi-res HD and retina displays. Go ahead, use the demo button on top of this page to check it out!

RT-Theme 18 for WordPress comes with an excellent Template Builder. This is a tool with which you can create custom page templates for use with your pages or posts. The theme comes with default templates as well, which can be edited and changed using the Template Builder, or you can use the Builder to create new templates from scratch. With the builder, you can edit and build header and footer, main content area, sidebars, menus and many other page elements for use on your website. It is an excellent, really simple and easy-to-use website builder!

One of the things that makes RT-Theme 18 ideal for business websites, especially e-commerce setups and businesses showcasing and selling their products and services online, is the Product Showcase tool. This tool allows you to create a product catalog or a service list easily on your website in order to showcase your products and services in a beautiful and elegant way. Everything is totally customizable so that you end up showcasing your products and service in precisely the way in which you want to.

Another really great feature of RT-Theme 18 theme is it’s ability to let you create an unlimited number of content areas for a page, each completely customizable and each with a completely unique style, color, background, sidebar and design.

In addition, you’re no longer stuck with the same header and footer for each page, and with this theme, you can choose to have a different header and/or a footer for different pages of your website.

You also get unlimited sidebars for your pages. You can create your very own sidebar templates (suing the included Sidebar Creator) and use them anywhere on your website, or choose one of the many ready-to-use default sidebars.

And if that isn’t enough, the RT-Theme 18 theme comes with powerful styling options (including pre-defined skins), and extended theme options that let you change and tweak anything from simple to high-level theme elements and options right from the Admin Panel.

RT-Theme 18 is also one of the most user-friendly WordPress themes we’ve come across. It comes with a Setup Assistant, which includes details about almost everything about the theme, and also includes screencast movies to help users familiarize themselves with theme, set things up, and learn everything quickly. You also have the support forum to refer to whenever you need any assistance.

RT-Theme 18 is completely Search Engine Optimized right out-of-the-box, and follows many of the coding best-practices out there. This means that your website has a high chance to rank well in search engines without any extra effort on your part, and when coupled with some of the best WordPress SEO plugins out there, you can end up with a powerful website that ranks well on Google and other search engines, bringing you maximum visibility and traffic.

With the RT-Theme 18, you also get a couple of amazing (free) responsive Sliders worth $30, hundreds of icons, as well as a theme that’s localization-, WPML- and WooCommerce-ready.

RT-Theme 18 is easily one of the best, most-customizable themes that we’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing on our website. It is an excellent theme and great value-for-money at $55 for many different kinds of WordPress blogs and websites. Use the links on top of this page to preview the theme and download it.

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