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Rewrite Theme


Trending with great flexibility in site design, Rewrite Theme provides a responsive theme that will ensure that your site is viewable with any device you may have. One of the great features of this theme is that both images and embedded videos scale according to the size of the screen. It also provides dropdown menus regardless of screen size. Which makes this the perfect theme for any site that get a lot of traffic from a wide variety of different devices.

Simplicity and cleanliness is a hallmark of Rewrite Theme. The header is flexible enough in that it allows your header navigation bar to always be present at the top of the page. Shortcodes are also responsive so that your formatting stays the way you want it to: whether that be block-quoting or call-out boxes.

Another great feature is that when you upload multiple photos to your post, Rewrite Theme will wrap them in a nice gallery with scrollbar navigation. It is recommended that you use images of the same size, and the theme will automatically resize and scale them accordingly.

Rewrite Theme isn’t for everyone as it has a feel that resembles Tumblr in some cases. But if you want to use it as a minimalistic blog theme or a light-weight, non-gaudy portfolio that can be viewed from any device, then Rewrite Theme will probably work for you.

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