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Qlassik Theme


Qlassik is one of those themes that has a little bit of everything; and that means it is powerful yet functional. As an aside, if all you are looking for is to blog and post some photos then Qlassik is way too functional for that. But if you want a business or portfolio theme that has a nice clean look and is open and inviting, Qlassik Theme may be what you are looking for.

The landing page is where Qlassik Theme really brings things to the forefront. There is seamless integration between the header, the lightbox slider, and the main content area. This makes for easy eye progression as readers aren’t subconsciously breaking your content into boxes.

The header, navigation bar features your logo right in the middle of the layout. So as visitors are navigating your site, your brand is always in the forefront of their mind. The thing that you will most notice is the wide, background swath which funnels visitors eyes to the lightbox; additionally, there are multiple color options for that swath, from green to purple.

Below the swath and the lightbox begins the main content area. This is where Qlassik can help you feature products and services, as well as customer testimonials. Displayed in a mini-grid type of fashion there isn’t much of anything that you will not be able to showcase here. Below the main mini-grid, there is a large 2/3 column sized shout-out box for your customers testimonials. Additionally there is also a spot to showcase videos; whether those are interviews, customer testimonials, how-to videos or even video diaries of past and ongoing projects. Below this area is the widgetized footer. This is the first instance where there is not seamless integration, as the footer is the same color as the swath at that the top of the page.

Beyond this page, there is the separate blog function, with a sidebar area, a portfolio page layout and many more options.

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