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Pure Elegance Theme

* Pure Elegance Theme
Pure Elegance Theme


Pure Elegance is one of those themes that just make you want to fall in love. Its simple, pleasant layout reminds you of a time when the flowers always bloomed. The cursive styled lettering is reminiscent of the girl (or guy) that slipped away into this great adventure called life. Left with only memories, time is the only absolute in whether your paths will cross. But, you will always have Chicago; Right? Class, distinction and elegance are the bedrock of this theme, and it  is a great platform to use as the base for your professional portfolio.

Flowery words and hyperbole aside, Pure Elegance, provides an outstanding content management system on the stable Genesis Framework. The Pure Elegance theme is not a stand-alone theme in the traditional sense. Where most themes come pre-packaged with the underlying framework of its creators already incorporated into the theme, Pure Elegance is actually a child theme that runs off the Genesis parent framework. The downside of this is that in order for Pure Elegance to work, you must have already purchased the Genesis framework.

Despite that limitation, for someone looking for a classy, sophisticated portfolio theme, this child theme delivers in all respects. A large featured images section provides a nice and subtle change to the standard portfolio design. Highlight that key picture, be it a wedding photograph or that of a nature scene, in an above-the-fold “look at me” design. As one moves down the page, more content areas open up to display latest work, or just your attempt at capturing the human condition.

As elegance is the overall theme of this, for lack of a better word, theme, sidebars have been completely left out of the full page width design However, there is a widgetized footer that can be used to provide basic information such as, contact info, latest tweets, mailing list, or whatever you wish to display.

It should be noted that lack of ad space is a necessity to make this portfolio theme work and the uncluttered simple header, does not look like something you would see in a train wreck.  However, the Genesis framework does allow for the ability to go away from the full-width page layout for the more tradition sidebar-content or any other type of layout you may desire. Continuing the note, doing so will diminish the elegance of this already great child theme.

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