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Inspire WordPress Theme

* Inspire WordPress Theme
Inspire WordPress Theme


As far as business themes are concerned Inspire by WooThemes, provides a great platform to launch your product line. The massive jQuery slider hosts a product spotlight pane that allows your visitors the chance to view your product, in addition to panes that can be used to feature content that you want to get out to your visitors.

The jQuery slider isn’t your typical little box that you throw a picture into and call it featured. It is a full page-width across, with pagination, which allows for click navigation. Your viewers will not need to wait for the slide to come back around. Additionally, the product spotlight pane has functionality for you to display your product with built in buttons that link to a demo page and a pricing list. Not a bad idea, if you are trying to sell an app, theme, or service.

Below the slider is a large area dedicated to mini-features, which allow you to highlight content that you may see as crucial to your endeavor.  All of the mini-features link to a dedicated page so you can highlight whatever you wish to highlight. Additionally, there is a dedicated spot, solely for client feedback. If people are happy with your work, their satisfaction can forever be immortalized on your page.

The Inspire theme main page layout does not have the option for a sidebar. So to make up for the deficit, WooThemes has created an extended, widgetized footer. With the WooNews widget, you can give a listing of the recent blog posts on your site.

In addition to the separate blog section, portfolio section and extensive WooFramework (shortcodes, analytics output in the header, and much more) the Inspire theme also is the platform as a parent theme for a WooCommerce child theme.  All one needs to set up shop is the child-theme and the WooCommerce plugin available in the WordPress plugin repository.

Overall, the Inspire theme is a great platform to launch and showcase your business model and create for your visitors an open, inviting environment.

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February 13

Inspire has a simple yet professional layout. It is definitely in my Top 5 choice for business themes.


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