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Grunge: Responsive Blog Theme

* Grunge: Responsive Blog Theme
Grunge: Responsive Blog Theme


Grunge is a premium WordPress theme featured on ThemeForest.com.

Design, UI and the Interface

The first thing that instantly grabs your attention when you look at this theme is it’s jagged edges, worn-out backgrounds, edgy design and an all-round ‘grungy’ look. The design is actually pretty awesome, and as you can see in the demo (click on the link at the top which says Demo to view the demo), the UI and all it’s features look cool! The developers have obviously put in a lot of work as far as the styling goes, and what we end up with is a pretty unique-looking theme.

The theme is quite feature-packed, as we shall soon see, but its forte is easily its design and UI.

Responsive Design

Moving on, Grunge WordPress theme has a responsive design. This means that the theme will resize itself automatically according to the screen-size your website is being viewed on. This is a great feature to have with your theme, and almost all good theme developers ensure that the themes they put out are responsive. It’s a fact that, unlike perhaps a few years back, online traffic now has become much more diverse as far as the sources are concerned – you have people accessing websites through iPads, iPhones (as well as other smartphones and cellular devices), laptops, LCD/LED TVs and so on. What a responsive theme does is that it dynamically resizes your website and all its different elements according to the screen size and resolution. Which means anyone can easily access your website, read stuff on it, browse through and navigate through it regardless of where it is being accessed from.

Options Panel

The Grunge theme also comes with an excellent ‘theme options panel,’ or a theme control panel. This panel allows you to seamlessly configure the different elements of the theme, including choosing between dark or light layout, changing the sidebar position to left or right-side, changing the font, configuring the colors etc.

Custom Widgets

Grunge comes with 4 different custom widgets as well. This is great because usually, such widgets tend to cost a pretty penny if you buy them alone. It is pretty great that the developers have bundled these awesome widgets with the theme.

These custom widgets are:

  • a Flickr widget,
  • Social Links widget,
  • Latest Posts with Thumbnails widget, and
  • Post-it Note widget.

Shortcode Manager

Shortcodes are awesome, especially in terms of flexibility. With shortcodes, you can add different elements to your website, such as buttons, alerts, and columns very easily just about anywhere on your website, such as within a post, or on a page. This is precisely what the shortcodes manager that comes with the Grunge theme allows you to do as well.

Other Features

Other features of the Grunge theme for WordPress blogs and website includes (but is not limited to):

  • Custom contact page template with validation – the theme comes with a built-in contact form which can be added anywhere, such as the ‘Contact Us’ page of your website, very easily.
  • Custom archive page template.
  • Enhanced with jQuery and CSS3.
  • Translation ready.

If you have trouble setting the theme up or if you want to report a bug or submit a suggestion aimed at improving the theme, you can easily get in touch with the developer using the link given on the theme page.


$35, which is a pretty sweet deal for such a good-looking and feature-loaded theme.

The theme can be purchased using the download link provided at the top of this page.

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