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Creative by Nature WordPress Theme

* Creative by Nature WordPress Theme
Creative by Nature WordPress Theme


Installation guidelines

  1. Download the latest version of ?Creative by nature? theme either here or here
  2. Unzip and upload the theme to your ?wp-content/themes/? directory
  3. In WordPress, go to ?Appearance > Themes? and activate the ?Creative by nature? theme
  4. In the theme archive you?ll find file creative_by_nature-export.xml. Import it to your WordPress installation from ?Tools > Import > WordPress?
  5. Go to ?Settings > Reading? and:
  • Check ?A static page (select below)? in ?Front page displays? field.
  • Select ?Home? in ?Front page: ? drop-down menu
  • Select ?Blog? in ?Posts page: ? drop-down menu

Adding Portfolio Entry

Here are instructions for adding portfolio entries:

  1. Go to ?Pages > Add new?
  2. Enter Portfolio entry title
  3. Insert your image into the post(preffered image size: 290?230 px), then add ?more? tag. Add short description for the entry, then add one more ?more? tag. Then enter the remaining text. (Check out test portfolio entries for example)
  4. You may also enter custom fields ?url? if you want to add additional information to each portfolio entry.
  5. You?ll need to setup few things in ?Attributes? section:
  • Choose ?Portfolio? page for page parent
  • In ?Template? field select ?Portfolio Item?
  • You may also enter position field if you want to specify the order of portfolio entries.

Thank you very much, folks! We appreciate your efforts.

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