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Convergence WordPress Theme

* Convergence WordPress Theme
Convergence WordPress Theme


Convergence is a premium Community WordPress theme, featured on ThemeForest.com.

It is a nice blog-style WordPress theme, that markets itself is a 'community' theme – or in their own words, 'convergence is a nicely put together WordPress theme with the intent and focus on creating a community site.'

Convergence has a very nice and attractive homepage/landing page layout. All posts are laid out in a very nice, compact blog-style – with a post thumbnail on the left, and a few lines of text from the post itself (post excerpt) on the right-hand side.

Each post is arranged into it's own box – typical of what you would find in just about any blog-style WordPress theme.

Up-top, we have the header space, with the ability to add your blog's logo. One complaint that I have with the theme is that it doesn't make it easy to update that logo/header, and you'll need to go into the theme editor and know a fair bit of HTML and CSS in order to update the header. This took me by surprise, as you expect premium themes to come with more user-friendly control panels.

The search box also resides in the header space, and beneath it you have a beautiful nav-bar, where you can choose to display categories and/or links through Menus in the WordPress dashboard.

The Convergence theme for WordPress also comes with a 2-column layout, one for the content and one column for the sidebar. The sidebar is widget-ready, and you can put any one or more of the thousands of widgets available out there for WordPress blogs – including the excellent related and popular posts widgets that come with the theme itself. The theme comes with 5 custom widgets.

Other features include 3 custom menu locations (top of the page, standard nav-bar, and footer), Flickr and Twitter integration, as well as Feedburner integration.

The Convergence theme also puts up an author box at the end of all posts, and displays a short author bio as well as the author's gravatar there.

Convergence WordPress theme is a very pleasant-looking theme, which would be perfect for many WordPress-powered blogs. Click the Demo link above to view the theme demo and see if it might work for you too.

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