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Bazar Shop WordPress Theme

* Bazar Shop WordPress Theme
Bazar Shop WordPress Theme


There are probably tons of e-commerce themes out there for WordPress websites, however very few would be as good all-round as the Bazar Shop WordPress theme!

The Bazar Shop theme is an e-commerce website for WordPress-powered websites and blogs, that let's WordPress users easily and quickly set-up an e-shop and start selling their products online.

The theme has featured on ThemeForest's Featured Themes on numerous occasions, AND has remained one of the top-selling themes on the website for quite a few weeks, which speaks volumes about how good it is.

Right so on to the theme itself:

As far as the aesthetics are concerned, the theme employs a rather simplistic color scheme right out of the box: which includes a simple white background and a well laid-out home page which is similar to what can be found on many e-commerce websites. You can choose to display certain products on your home-page, such as featured products, products on a sale, or new arrivals to your store, for instance.

You can also add a slider to the homepage – either up-top or anywhere else – which lets you display Best Sellers, Special Items, and certain other products easily. The slider automatically moves from right to left, displaying all products under each category. Bazar Shop comes with 2 different kinds of sliders.

You can, of course, change the theme background easily and make more customizations – including the background color, header color, footer color, as well as the font.

The Bazar Shop WordPress theme also comes with a beautiful navbar with drop-down menus. The navigation bar can be immensely important for e-commerce themes, as it allows one to display different products and categories present in the store.

The area above the navbar, however, is simply superb – and just perfect for an e-commerce website. Here, as you can see by clicking the Demo button above – you can add the Shopping Cart widget, the Contact/Support widget and one more widget if you'd like. You can also add social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the like here. Very well designed I have to say!

Speaking of Checkout, you get two different custom Checkout pages with the theme.

The products listed on the homepage become larger (a 'zoom' effect) when you hover your mouse over them.

The Bazar Shop theme also allows you to add a testimonials box and a mailing list box.

Bazar Shop is also responsive – which means that it will look as good on cellphones, tablet PCs and devices with smaller screens as it does on laptops and desktops!

Finally, the theme is fully SEO-optimized, and comes with controls for SEO in the dashboard as well.

The Bazar Shop WordPress theme also allows you to completely turn off the shopping cart, which instantly converts your website into a catalog theme – great for displaying your products and/or service online if you don't want to sell them online. A catalog theme can be very useful for a boutique, for instance, which might be looking to establish it's presence online by displaying it's products on the internet.

The theme is absolutely perfect for just about any WordPress e-commerce website, a web-shop, or for anyone looking to sell online using their WordPress website. And is equally good for businesses looking to establish an online presence and showcasing their products online without wanting to sell online.

Bazar Shop WordPress Theme is easily one of the best e-commerce themes you'll come across!

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