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Visiting Card WordPress theme

* Visiting Card WordPress theme
Visiting Card WordPress theme


Famous designer TimVanDamme designed his mini site and everyone praised it a lot for unique, beautiful concept. Usually it happens when you are really active on social media sites, you blog less. And his design was perfect solution for those who have a domain name but don’t need/want much content on the website.

Immediately, I had this feel to release a wordpress theme in similar concept but I thought it wouldn’t be a good idea as many would think it was a stealing. However, many sites were inspired from his designed and tim actually liked that and he featured those designs in his site as Wall of Fame.

I am glad the tim actually liked sites inspired from his original design so I decided to make it. Created few designs and finally liked one different looking concept (featured below) and coded it up. Special thanks goes to this tutorial for the smooth JQuery look for the awesome code.

So, here’s Visiting Card theme for WordPress that you would love set up on your personal website.

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