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TA-Jardin WordPress theme

* TA-Jardin WordPress theme
TA-Jardin WordPress theme



  • WordPress versions supported: tested with 2.8.4
  • 2-column
  • Fixed width
  • Supports widgets in the sidebar
  • Comes with the source PSD
  • Released under BSD license (if you are unsure, that is better than GNU!)

You are highly encouraged to tweak the theme and improve it. If you make something great, drop us a line and we will replace our version with yours. Or, simply provide a link in the comments to this post.

The theme, as it is configured on our demo server, uses a very good plugin, Query Posts by Justin Tadlock in order to provide the list of featured posts, but it’s not required. No other plugins are required either.


We are experimenting at this point, but here is the model that we are probably going to stick with for the time being in plain English.

You are free to use the theme and the source for any purpose, personal or commercial. Yes, you can even take this theme to a marketplace and try to sell it. Yes, you can modify the theme and reuse the template for any purpose.

The only catch is that our link needs to stay in the footer of the theme and our copyright notice needs to be included in the documentation to whatever you make out of this. You also understand that the theme is provided without any warranty and you use it at your own risk.

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