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Pixeled WordPress Theme

* Pixeled WordPress Theme
Pixeled WordPress Theme


– bug fixes and improvements for the comments section
– made theme compatible with some WP 2.7 features: threaded comments, paginated comments
– minor bug fixes and modifications
– changed the rendering of the sidebar items to ensure better widget compatibility (changes the look a little, but makes the theme more accessible)
– minor fixes to the sidebar
– added css definitions for more default tags
– fixed markup in the FeedBurner form to make form validate (thanks Doug)
– changed doctype to xhtml transitional to accept attribute in the FeedBurner form
– fixed small imperfection in IE6

Note about widget use for users using versions below 1.5 (read this if your layout is a bit messed up):
For some users, the use of some widget messes the layout quite a bit. The reason for that is that not all widgets output a title. The way the widgets have been programmed on the theme, a generated title is necessary to display everything ok; otherwise, there?s an opening division tag missing. So if you were thinking of using such a widget (for instance: the search widget), please know that and consider opting instead for a plugin allowing you to adapt the code, in the same fashion the current modules are presented. That?s it.( Fixed in version 1.5, released Nov 12th, 2008.)

A note about Support.
This free WordPress theme is provided as is and, although I?d love to tweak it and make it perfect for each and every user out there, I simply can?t provide individual support for everybody. So if you have a general question, that you think could be helpful for other users too, please address your support question through the comments option below or head out to the newly installed discussion forum I just set up. I will do my best to follow through. And if you have a particular requirement or request, and would like to hire me so that we can work on it together, please give me a shout so we can talk about it. This is how support will be working here, for the time being. Thanks!

– I am making available the .PSD file to edit the background image. You can download it here. Enjoy!
– For fans of the Drupal CMS, you can find the Drupal theme over at http://drupal.org/project/Pixeled (thanks to SteveJB!)

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