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Linoluna WP Theme

* Linoluna WP Theme
Linoluna WP Theme



1. Download and extract the zip file.
2. Upload the theme file to your server at /wp-content/themes/ folder.
3. Activate the theme. (Admin Panel -> Presentation -> Themes)


1. Linoluna is built to support WP version 2.0 and up.
2. The theme is sidebar widget-ready. By default, the sidebar is divided into four sections. Sidebar-Top, Sidebar-Left, Sidebar-Right, and Sidebar-Bottom. Each sidebar can be configured in the WP Admin Panel (Presentation -> Widgets). So it will be only clicks-and-drags.

3. In the index.php file you will find some PHP code like:

The $cat variable refers to the respective category_ID. You can see the category ID from the WP Admin Panel. (Manage -> Categories) The $showpost variable refer to the number of posts you want to show.

4. Images across the theme can be configured using the Custom Fields. You should add a custom field called ?Image? in every post and put the image filename within the custom field value. Each post is attached with several images (but the same filename) that will be shown according to its proper places. The ‘Banner’ image will be shown at the top of every post (below the title), the ‘Slideshow’ image will be shown in the slideshow, the ‘Asides’ image will be shown in the ‘Aside’ section, and the ‘Thumbnail’ ┬áimages will be shown in the archive and author pages. I repeat, all images should be named the same for each post. (e.g Custom field name: Image; Custom field value: pool.jpg)

5. The layout will also work with different image sizes of your likings but I think it’ll be better if at first you try everything using the default sizes. The slideshow images are 400x300pixels, the Asides images are 200x130pixels, and the Thumbnails are 75x75pixels.

6. There is a dedicated author page that show the author biography, his/her photo, and his/her publications. The author photos should be named after the author’s last name. And it must be a JPG file. (eg. Hutagalung.jpg)

7. An ad banner (468x60px) is shown in the post pages between the post entry and the comments. An ad square banner (300x250px) is shown in the sidebar.

8. This is the folder structure of the theme folders:
* Main folder (index.php, single.php, author.php, style.css, etc.)
* Images->Ads (put the advertisements here)
* Images->Banner (put the banner images here)
* Images->Asides (put the aside images here)
* Images->Slideshow (put the slideshow images here)
* Images->Thumbnail (put the thumbnails images here)
* Images->Author (put the author photos here)

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