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Innovation Science WordPress Theme

* Innovation Science WordPress Theme
Innovation Science WordPress Theme


Innovation+Science WordPress Edition is a clean, beautifully complex and very customizable theme, with many applications in personal and business use. It’s perfect for online magazines, personal/company portfolios, blogs and corporate sites. This theme comes with an unique, massive and functional backend CMS , that gives you almost unending possibilities. Every page template has individual rich set of options that allow you to customize almost every visible element. For WordPress version we have created some special and unique tools, like for example Floating Objects or Custom Footer feature. These and other improvements allow you to create new elements or change some sections completely in comparison to our original design. Of course you can focus only on adding your content to our template and don’t make too much individual changes, but thanks to this complex CMS you can use your creativity and squeeze even something more from Innovation+Science theme with just few clicks :)
Product description

* 14 custom option modules
* 20 custom widgets and unlimited sidebars
* 10 highly customizable page templates
* unique+powerful features and tools
* exceptional design and accordion slider
* almost unlimited customization possibilities for header and footer areas
* accessible system for multiple galleries and portfolios
* special sections for News and Articles
* extensible adaptable CMS , high efficient OO architecture
* extensive documentation PDF file included
* tested in all browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE6 , IE7 and IE8 .

Product description

Here is a list of features packed in Innovation+Science WordPress theme. Because this description was getting large, this list points only the most important elements of our product:
Fully customizable Header and Footer areas:

* a big set of options for header and footer – you can change all content, appearance and size of these areas in two modules: Header Options, Footer Options. You can even totally rebuild footer and header from scratch.
* floating objects feature – a special tool that allows to create new image elements with/without links.
* 3 footer working modes – it is possible to use original footer layout or custom footer mode. Custom footer option allows you to produce any footer layout with the use of defined styles.

Homepage sliders:

* JavaScript Accordion Slider – this unique and dynamic slider will give a fantastic look to your homepage.
* Classic Fader/Mover Slider – alternative slider, you can set one of three working modes for this slider and create two unique layouts for your slides.
* slider options – for both sliders there is a special options module created with slider general options and easy in use, fast slider managers.

General options and Main Menu options

* general options – options that work for all site or for some important areas are packed into one module named as General Options.
* color settings – you can choose any color variation for Innovation+Science theme using color picker option.
* site background settings – 20+ original backgrounds to choose from and a special settings pack for site background only. You can add your background to dedicated theme folder and automatically integrate it with your CMS .
* tooltips settings – options for tooltips customization
* miscellaneous options – tracking code, Cufon and other small options that can make your life easier
* Main Menu options and manager – for main menu a special manager was created, this tool allow you to build and transform your menu in seconds. You can move, hide and edit menu single items and whole sections by one click. Main Menu has also a big set of other options that allow you to customize this important site element. Options and menu manager tool are packed in Main Menu module.

Page templates and modules with options

* Homepage – three option sets will give you a full control over homepage content: Homepage Options, Homepage Sliders, Homepage Tab.
* Services – this page has a three different layout blocks to choose from (you can also combine these layouts and create your unique layout).
* News – sections that work similar to blog page, but it has a different design and is destined for creating news page. One big options set will give you a full control over this section:.
* Articles – this section on the first look is reminiscent of News, but it is a bit different. It allows you to create articles with special pagination system. One big options set controls this type of page.
* Blog – you can fully customize your blog page using one big options set. This theme has also a set of custom options for blog post pages.
* Gallery – options for this section are in one big set: Gallery Options. This module contains gallery options and gallery manager that allows you to create multiple sub-galleries and gives you full control over content in every sub-gallery.
* Portfolio – this page works similar to gallery, but has a different design and allow you to create links to pages with more detailed info about portfolio items. Options for this section are in one big set: Portfolio Options. This module contains portfolio options and portfolio manager that allows you to create multiple portfolio collections and gives you full control over content on this page.
* Contact – this section has the smallest options set, but it is still enough for customize almost everything on Contact page.

Sidebar options and custom widgets

This product is widget ready and comes with complex sidebar which can be composed from 20 custom widgets . You can create unlimited number of sidebars. It is possible to define one default sidebar that will automatically work for all pages, or define individual customized sidebars for pages. Every custom widget from this list has own options set and can be customized:

* 125 x 125 Advertisement
* Big Advertisement
* Mini-Slider
* Multi-Image Box
* Sidebar Tabs
* Flickr
* Tweeter
* Archives
* Last posts from Blog (2 variations)
* Categories
* Last posts from Categories (2 variations)
* Last Comments
* Most commented posts from blog
* Most commented posts from category
* Tag cloud
* Contact data
* Sidebar Search Box
* Custom code

Extensive documentation

Innovation+Science theme is well documented. An extensive and friendly PDF documentation comes with this product. There is also a very functional hidden help for every option in CMS included.
Other Innovation+Science features

* Text and image styles for easy content creation
* Dynamic asynchronous Thumb Image preview
* Dynamic asynchronous Text Image preview
* Dynamic asynchronous Image loading
* Text tooltip
* Valid XHTM Strict1.0 and CSS 2 .1, tableless Design
* JQuery Sliders in Portfolio and Gallery pages
* Dropdown Menu, improved with jQuery
* Gallery Page with prettyPhoto Lightbox
* Working AJAX /PHP contact form
* Cufon Fonts

Bonus Content:

* 22 backgrounds JPG images
* 2 PSD templates to generate and modify backgrounds images
* plus some other small PSD files

External scripts and resources used:

* Lightbox plugin
* We used some great free brushes for this theme from: Nick Pagano , Mike Martinez, and David Leggett

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