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f0101 WordPress Theme

* f0101 WordPress Theme
f0101 WordPress Theme


f0101 WordPress theme is a new WordPress Theme released from WooThemes, this theme is Pretty ( Melissa said so ) :-p

Unique Features

These are some of the more unique features that you will find within the theme:

  • A beautifully illustrated male or female figure to the left of the website, that can be inter-changed, replaced or removed in the theme option’s panel.
  • Complete control over excerpt vs content being displayed in the home pages blog posts, and archived posts
  • 12 custom woo widgets to have complete control over your sidebar and footer regions, packed full of loads of functionality including a social profiles widget highlighting all your online profiles.
  • 10 delicious alternate colour schemes to choose from, 5 male and 5 female. This what i like most in it
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