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Coffee Desk Wp theme

* Coffee Desk Wp theme
Coffee Desk Wp theme



  • Nice background. Best viewed with a resolution of 1280px.
  • Compatible with IE6, IE7, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera.

There are a few things that you need to take note when using the Coffee Desk theme.

Header Links 1) Limit the number of the header links to 4 only. If you display more than 4 links, the ?paper note? will overlap with the ?coffee cup?. 2) Control the length of the links to within 2 lines.

Blog Title Currently, the blog title is using the Arial font. You can change the font style by following this instruction: – Open ?header.php? – Remove this code <div id=?blogtitle?><a href=?<?php echo get_option(?home?); ?>?><?php bloginfo(?name?); ?></a></div> – Save the file and upload to your server – Open ?images/bg_header.jpg? in image editing software – Add your desired font and content to the image – Save the image and upload to your server

Blog Description If you don?t want to display the blog description, simply remove this line from ?header.php?: <div id=?subtitle?><?php bloginfo(?description?);?></div>

Post Title Coffee Desk theme allows up to 2 lines for the post title without distorting the design.

Bottom of the Content Area The white space size below the content area is not a constant. Sometimes you?ll see a big gap, sometimes the gap is small and fits well. This is a design constraint and is not an error.

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2 Comments on “Coffee Desk Wp theme”

May 13

very nice theme.. i like this.. thank you for sharing

January 6

Really nice theme. I love this one.


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