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Blutheme WordPress Theme

* Blutheme WordPress Theme
Blutheme WordPress Theme


Blutheme is free premium wordpress theme magazine style with featured content gallery for featured articles. Strong admin back-end.Beautiful image thumbs beside each article makes the look of the design awesome and professional

For more info check the feature list below.


Home Page Options

  • Featured Articles Category ‚Äì The Category from where Featured Articles are extracted.
  • Number of Featured Articles ‚Äì The Number of Featured Articles to Show [default is 5].
  • Footer Text ‚Äì The Text to Display after ¬©exemple.com [You can Use HTML Anchor Points like in the Default Footer Text].
  • FeedBurner Link ‚Äì Your FeedBurner Link [http://feeds.feedburner.com/dpxmag].

Post Options

  • Display Thumbnail in Post ‚Äì Enable or Disable Thumbnail in Post.
  • Display About Author ‚Äì Enable or Disable About Author.
  • Display Related Posts ‚Äì Enable or Disable Related Posts.
  • Related Posts Title ‚Äì Title for Related Posts.
  • Display Social Bookmarks ‚Äì Enable or Disable Social Bookmarks.
  • Social Bookmarks Title ‚Äì Title for Social Bookmarks.

Twitter Options

  • Your Twitter Username ‚Äì Write your Twitter Username.
  • Number of Twitter Posts to display ‚Äì Write the Number of Twitter Posts you want to display [default is 5].

Sidebar Options

  • Advertise ‚Äì Enable or Disable Advertise.
  • Show Most Commented Articles ‚Äì Enable or Disable the Most Commented Articles.
  • Most Commented Articles Title ‚Äì Title for Most Commented Articles.
  • Latest Twitter Posts ‚Äì Enable or Disable the Latest Twitter Posts.
  • Latest Twitter Posts Title ‚Äì Title for Latest Twitter Posts.
  • Categories ‚Äì Enable or Disable Categories.
  • Categories Title ‚Äì Title for Categories.
  • Blogroll ‚Äì Enable or Disable Blogroll.
  • Blogroll Title ‚Äì Title for Blogroll.
  • Meta ‚Äì Enable or Disable Meta.
  • Meta Title ‚Äì Title for Meta.

Install and Usage


  • Unrar/Unzip the file, and then upload the folder ‚Äúblutheme‚Äù in wp-content/themes/
  • Check the plugins folder and upload ‚Äúwp-pagenavi‚Äù in your wp-content/plugins/ folder
  • Activate the plugin from your WordPress Admin Control Panel (Plugins Section)
  • Activate the theme from Appearance
  • Go to Theme Options Page (Appearance -> blutheme Options) reset the Settings and then Click Save


  • Getting the Thumbnail is easy, go to Add Post or Edit Post scroll down to Custom Fields and add a new Custom Field called ‚Äúthumb‚Äù without Quotes and the value should be pathtoimage/image.gif or yoursite.com/pathtoimage/image.gif
  • I provided the logo.psd file so you can change the Logo, just open it in Adobe Photoshop and have some fun 😀


  • The Thumbnail Images should be hosted on your server otherwise they won‚Äôt work.
  • If you already have wp-pagenavi, you should replace the css file with the one I provited.
  • Don`t ask me about Internet Explorer 6 Bugs.
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